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We are a team of tea connoisseurs who constantly searches for not only good-tasting varieties of tea but more importantly high quality and sustainable sources of teas across the world.

A good cup of tea, not only should smell good but leaves an unforgettable aroma lingering on your taste buds. There are many varieties of tea, the difference in the place of production and the tea-making technique, therefore even if it belongs to the same type of tea, the aroma, taste, attributes, and effects will be different, making each tea very unique and special.

"Tea Heals" procures a variety of high-quality and aromatic tea and natural Chinese herbs. In addition, our team of licensed tea and Chinese herb practitioners shares knowledge about tea and Chinese herbs to our customers explaining in both traditional and scientific context. This helps our customers to understand his/her preferences and requirements in order to choose the right tea achieving successful “Tea therapy for mind and body" maintaining every individuals’ health and balance.

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